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Minimalistic handcrafted bracelet

MIA minimalistic handcrafted bracelet

​Inspired by the imperfections of nature, this minimalistic handcrafted bracelet is a testament to the timeless appeal of silver and the brilliance of Moissanite stones. Each knitting article of this piece is handcrafted, seamlessly blends together, to create a fluid and elegant design that gracefully drapes around the wrist. At the ends of this bracelet, the Moissanite stones are nestled, each one carefully selected for its exceptional clarity and brilliance. Whether worn as a statement piece for a special occasion or as an everyday accessory to elevate any ensemble, this handcrafted bracelet exudes sophistication and style.



MATERIALS: silver 800/1000, silver 925/1000

STONES: Moissanites -brilliant cut 1,8 mm

WIDTH: approximately 8 mm (main part), approximately 2 mm (chain)

SIZING: S - circumference: 18 cm; M - circumference: 19 cm; L- circumference: 20 cm

PREPARATION: 3-4 weeks

PACKAGING: All of our pieces come in a special box (GIFT-WRAPPED) and with two certificates. One is for our jewelry in general, while the other describes especially the piece you purchased.

  • Available with different sizes of diamonds, Moissanites or other Gemstones. Available also in Silver, or other colors of Solid Gold. Please, contact me to receive more informations.

€ 200,30Price


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