Curved or straight, classic or modern looking, wide or narrow, silver, gold or in combination of them. But most importantly, exactly the way you want them to be. Handcrafted for you personally.

Wedding rings for people who see beauty in being different, appreciate handcrafted work and high-quality materials, and wish to wear jewelry designed for them personally. 

All the wedding rings which you can see on our website can be made in any colour of gold, silver or in the combination of them. All the designs can be adjusted by your wishes and for you only.

Organic forms

Organic forms trapped in precious metal, inspired by the shapes of various rocks and water flow. 

The main crafting technique in the design of these rings is reticulation. A reticulation is technique which creates wrinkles in the material at a certain temperature of the fire.


Modern design

Handcraft skills with modern shapes represent timeless wedding rings which can differ from all the others.  

Featured are a combination of different crafting techniques and colorful materials.

Black gold

For all adventurers.

Black gold as an addition to the whole design of wedding rings. It is achieved with black rhodium coating which is highly resilient. Even the sky is not the limit while exploring how to combine it with other colors of the metal.

Laser engraving

If you wish to have special engraving whether it is a picture, finger print, your special quote or something really special then laser engraving is the right choice. It can be situated on the inside or outside of the rings.