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Unique drop earrings with Emeralds

UNIVERSE unique drop earrings with Emeralds

These unique drop earrings, crafted in a blend of silver and yellow gold, adorned with black rhodium and Emeralds, serve as an artistic homage to the vast expanse of the Universe. Inspired by the cosmic ballet of celestial bodies and the enigmatic mysteries that pervade the cosmos, each element of these earrings carries profound symbolism.

The silver and yellow gold represent the dualities inherent in the universe – the interplay of light and darkness, creation and destruction, order and chaos. The black rhodium accents evoke the depths of space, where darkness reigns supreme and yet holds the promise of infinite possibilities.

At the heart of these celestial adornments lie the emeralds, shimmering with a captivating green hue reminiscent of distant galaxies and nebulae. Symbolizing growth, and renewal, the Emeralds embody the ever-evolving nature of the universe, where change is constant and life emerges amidst the cosmic tapestry.

Together, these elements form a mesmerizing ode to the universe – a testament to its boundless beauty, complexity, and wonder.


MATERIALS: silver 800/1000, yellow gold 585/1000, black rhodium

STONES: Emeralds - brilliant cut 1,8 mm (6x)

LENGTH: Approximatey 50 mm

WEIGTH: Approximately 4,7 g per earring

PREPARATION: 3-4 weeks

PACKAGING: All of our pieces come in a special box (GIFT-WRAPPED) and with two certificates. One is for our jewelry in general, while the other describes especially the piece you purchased.

  • Available with different sizes of diamonds, Moissanites or other Gemstones. Available also in Silver, or other colors of Solid Gold. Please, contact me to receive more informations.



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