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Unique 2in1 ring set

FAMILY unique 2in1 ring set

This 2 in 1 ring set is a testament to the beauty of diversity - a family ring, a harmonious blend of white, yellow and rose gold, set with an enchanting array of precious stones. Each stone has a deep meaning, representing a vibrant spectrum of emotions and experiences to be shared within the circle of family. The soft tones of morganite symbolize love and tenderness, while the calm blue hues of aquamarine evoke serenity and communication. With its hue, the green Sapphire embodies growth and resilience, while the shimmering Moissanites illuminate the journey with their sparkle. In the center of everything, a natural pearl appears, a symbol of wisdom and purity. Together, these elements form a harmonious symphony that reminds us that within family ties we find strength, joy and lasting connection.



MATERIALS: white, yellow and rose gold 585/1000

STONES: round Morganite - brilliant cut (3 mm), round Aquamarine - brilliant cut (3 mm), round green Sapphire - brilliant cut (2,5 mm), round Moissanites - brilliant cut (1,8 mm)  3x, natural pearl (2,8 mm)

WIDTH: approximately 9 mm (front - the widest part of the ring set), approximately 2 mm (back of the ring set), 


RING SIZE: We will create the ring in your size to achieve perfect fit.

PREPARATION: 3 - 4 weeks

PACKAGING: All of our pieces come in a special box ( GIFT-WRAPPED) and with two certificates. One is for our jewelry in general, while the other describes especially the piece you purchased.

  • Available with different sizes of diamonds, Moissanites or other Gemstones. Available also in Silver, or other colors of Solid Gold. Please, contact me to receive more informations.



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