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Sleek structured gold ring

FAMILY BRIENNE sleek structured gold ring

Sleek structured family ring crafted in yellow and white gold, combines a harmonious blend of qualities that bring our cherished desires to life within the tapestry of our relationship. Within this ring, blue Sapphire becomes a symbol of growth and resilience, bringing strength and unwavering support to the family during shared challenges. Green Tourmalin brings protection and grounding. Surrounding these central gemstones are Salt and Pepper diamonds, symbolizing the enduring love, while the white diamonds sybolize the shared experiences, memories, and milestones that shape the familial journey. Together, these elements create a timeless piece that celebrates the unique harmony within a cherished family.



MATERIALS: yellow and white gold 585/1000

STONES: blue Sapphire - brilliant cut 4 mm, green Tourmaline - brilliant cut 3 mm, Salt and Pepper diamond - brilliant cut 3 mm, diamonds - brilliant cut 1,8 mm (3x)

WIDTH: approximately 9 mm (front - the widest part), approximately 2 mm (back)



RING SIZE: We will create the ring in your size to achieve perfect fit.

PREPARATION: 3 - 4 weeks

PACKAGING: All of our pieces come in a special box ( GIFT-WRAPPED) and with two certificates. One is for our jewelry in general, while the other describes especially the piece you purchased.

  • Available with different sizes of diamonds, Moissanites or other Gemstones. Available also in Silver, or other colors of Solid Gold. Please, contact me to receive more informations.



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