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Unique free form wide lace ring in white and yellow gold with black small diamonds in a raw atelje dr jewelry

ENIGMA wide lace ring with black diamonds, EU53

Refined and extravagant wide lace ring with black diamonds, designed in a combination of white and yellow gold. White gold flows in a free-form design that symbolizes the beauty of individuality and the intertwining patterns of life. In contrast, the yellow gold band is on the upper side set with a series of small, round black diamonds, each one set in a style of architectural precision. Representing strength and stability, they create a stunning balance with ethereal lace. This ring is more than just a decoration; is a celebration of the interplay between freedom and structure, chaos and order.


MATERIALS: white and yellow gold 585/1000

STONES: round black diamonds - brilliant cut 0.03 ct 14x

WIDTH: approximately 9-10 mm 


PACKAGING: You receive all our products in a special box with a certificate, which describes the selected stones and materials, the story of your chosen piece and care tips. In addition, you also receive a dedication, intended for you personally.

  • * Thermal water can chemically react with the metal. It is desirable to remove the item before visiting the pools with thermal water.

    * Gently rub the item with a soft brush and soap in case of dirt accumulating in the pores of the material. 

    * We will be very pleased to recive feedback about the use of our product.



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