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Unique peach Moonstone silver and rose gold  ring

ALIA unique peach Moonstone ring, EU54

This unique silver and rose gold ring is a poetic blend of stones. Peach Moonstone signifies new beginnings, pearl embodies the beauty found on life's journey, Sapphires dance with the energies of wisdom, and Moissanite stones sparkle with the promise of eternal love. Together, these stones tell a story of trust and eternal love, creating a ring that resonates with personal stories and shared moments.


According to history and the myths, pearls are symbol of wisdom gained through experience. Moonstone cultivates compassion and empathy. It helps us to tap into our intuition and enhances psychic abilities and clairvoyance. The creative and intuitive power of feminine energy is activated by the moonstone. Moissanite is the latest discovery and represents the true revolution of jewelry design. It´s strength and indestructibility are at the level of the diamond, moreover, 100x larger illuminance produces rainbow fading lights.


MATERIALS: silver 800/1000, rose gold 585/1000

STONES: peach Moonstone, pearl, , Sapphires, Moissanite stones

WIDTH: approximately 5 mm (front), approximately 2 mm (back)


PACKAGING: You receive all our products in a special box with a certificate, which describes the selected stones and materials, the story of your chosen piece and care tips. In addition, you also receive a dedication, intended for you personally.

  • * Thermal water can chemically react with the metal. It is desirable to remove the item before visiting the pools with thermal water.

    * Gently rub the item with a soft brush and soap in case of dirt accumulating in the pores of the material. 

    * We will be very pleased to recive feedback about the use of our product.



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