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Jewelry which makes every men's suit special

Jewelry items which are used to secure shirt cuffs are called cufflinks and are definitely experiencing a renaissance.


This supplement can be made of various materials such as gold, silver, steel and other materials or combinations of these. But they can be much more than that. Cufflinks instantly elevate the look and

style. And unlike buttons, they can be easily removed and replaced whenever you want to wear another pair.

History of cufflinks

Around the 13th century, shirt cuffs were held together by ribbons, ties and cords. As men shirts and fashions changed, so did their cufflinks, and in the 17th century, early forms of cufflinks appeared.


Properly introduced by King Charles II, who was known for his style, he popularized them, by wearing them regularly in public and helped influence people opinion of these fashion accessories. The 18th century saw an increase in the use of cufflinks. They were also used to mark royal occasions and special events, similar to today. In the 1970s, French cuffed shirts widely replaced button-up shirts. The revival of this supplement takes place in the 1990s,

when they become more fun and positioned as an indispensable fashion accessory for men and women. Today, they are generally appreciated for their aesthetic sensibility, but still hold their functional appeal.

What do cufflinks symbolize?


In addition to being a fashion accessory, cufflinks are also a status symbol. Since its invention, they have been

considered a status symbol of gentlemen, symbolizing power, wealth and respect. Cufflinks made of semi-precious stones and precious metals are known for the natural power and luck that these stones bring. Since ancient times, people have believed that certain stones bring happiness, health and energy.

Our cufflinks

Many of us wear jewelry of some sort; rings, bracelets, necklaces and so on. In case of some man it is just a wedding ring. So why not cufflinks? They give a man the opportunity to really make a suit or shirt his own. We believe that these accessories are part of an eternal classic in elegant clothing - a fashion accessory that is definitely not to be forgotten. In our studio we make cufflinks in gold, silver and other noble materials with various diamonds: black, white, cognac and salt & pepper diamonds.


Under the brand Atelje DR Jewelry, cufflinks are designed with an idea of a modern man, who is fond of quality and special design. Our cufflinks will make every mens suit special and unique. They are designed to distinguish their owner from the crowd, emphasize the individuality and subtle sense of style.

We believe in jewelry with a meaning

Diamond symbolize love and commitment and also symbolize status and wealth. Early royal families and aristocrats had collections full of the rarest and most precious diamonds of ancient times. Since then, diamonds have maintained their standing as a luxury item and nowadays it is not uncommon to see diamonds adorning jewelry, bags, or even clothing.

By choosing the right cufflinks, any classic outfit will be transformed into a magnificent and unique one.


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