MAGUS necklace

MAGUS necklace

(Za slovensko, podrsajte navzdol.)


MATERIALS: silver 800, 14K yellow gold

STONES: Tourmalines and Sapphires

LENGTH: 53 cm

WIDTH: approximately 20 x 35 mm (pendant), approximately 2 mm (chain)


The necklace, reminiscent of an archeological finding, is inspired by the Universe collection. The intertwining of darkened silver and yellow gold and stones symbolizes the magic of the night sky.


SAPPHIRE is said to be a stone of wisdom that encourages concentration, enhances creativity, and promotes purity and depth of thought. TOURMALINE is a stone that promotes compassion and a cool head, radiates energy that attracts money, healing and friendship.


The closure offers two possible lengths.


PREPARATION: 7 - 9 working days

PACKAGING: All of our pieces come in a special box (GIFT-WRAPPED) and with two certificates. One is for our jewelry in general, while the other describes especially the piece you purchased.

  • Available with different sizes of diamonds, Cubic Zirconia or other Gemstones. Available also in Silver, or other colors of Solid Gold. Please, contact me to receive more informations.

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